Custom Lighting & Decor, Tailored To You.

Since 2007, we've honed a curated line of exclusive glass lighting & décor made from blown and fused glass from artists around the world. Seen in exclusive hotels and homes around the globe, Shakuff has become a household name for designers, architects, and homeowners seeking custom lighting tailored to fit their unique projects.

With our vibrant collection of attainable custom lighting, Shakuff is redefining the way lighting is made. Our line is highly tailorable, and we're able to create dramatic fixtures specific to each client's tastes. Working one-on-one with every single client, we delve deep into each project to diligently create unique pieces just for them. The result - a stunning, unique work-of-art, every time.

When the right client allows, we also commission bespoke fixtures and installations outside the realm of our everyday collections.

Currently servicing the residential and commercial interior design markets worldwide, we are ready to tackle large and small projects alike.



Joseph Sidof, the founder, CEO and visionary behind Brooklyn based Shakuff Custom Glass Lighting & Decor.

Raised just steps away from a beach in Northern Israel, Joseph was never bored.

“I collected all sorts of stuff – rocks, shells, fruit pits, sticks – and made up games that kept me and my friends entertained for hours.”

When he wasn’t rallying his friends around his creative play, Joseph filled other needs– becoming the in-house barber at his school’s dormitory and importing shirts from the United States he sold for 100% profit.

“I loved figuring out how to meet people’s needs in the most creative and ambitious ways I could.”

Joseph’s entrepreneurial spirit, ingenuity, and keen eye for foraging in nature paid off. After saving money from his ventures and immigrating to the United States at the age of 18, he worked with his brother in the costume jewelry industry, which helped develop an eye for color, design, and engaging customers tastes and styles. This particular experience was the perfect springboard for Sidof’s journey.

A self-made immigrant from Northern Israel, Joseph has embraced the American dream in full force. Clutching his natural entrepreneurial spirit, he has spent the past few years turning his once budding sole proprietorship into a now thriving glass lighting & décor corporation.




Our Breath Collection curates an array of organic shapes, each hand-crafted using a traditional glass blowing technique. A combination of classic curves and contemporary styling in smooth glass and textured finishes, our blown glass offers a diversity of shapes and sizes.



Drawing inspiration from nature, The Peleg Collection identified by its geometric lines – takes modern forms mixed with rustic appeal. The dramatic colorations of this fused glass collection are produced during the fusing process; creating the dynamic textures and bold colors that are locked into each piece.



A collection of fused glass art panels, stained glass vitrage, and glass tiles; our glass décor breathes life into any room. Vibrant hues come to life during the fusing process, securing the dye within the glass and adding dimension. Each glass panel is meticulously hand pigmented, creating a rich, variegated palette inspired by the colors of nature.