What does Shakúff mean?

Shakuff means “transparent” and “obvious” in Hebrew. Our glass pendants are handcrafted by artisans and we wanted to reflect that and the concept of transparency and beauty of artisanal craftsmanship in our name.

Do you have a showroom/where can I see your products?

Yes, we have our main showroom and production studio where our clients can visit us to see most of our designs. It is located in Industry City in Brooklyn, NYC.

What if I can’t make it to Brooklyn?

We also partner with showrooms all around the United States! Please check here to see where you can view Shakuff products near you.

Does the company offer ready made fixtures?

We have a selection of fixtures available at our online store or through direct inquiry.

Does the company offer custom fixtures?

Yes, part of the beauty of working with a company like ours is to be able to customize your fixture according to your space and preferences. Our sales team is happy to assist you with all inquiries.

Where are the fixtures made?

We source our glass from artisans who are located around the world and are hand-picked by our CEO Joseph Sidof personally through visits to their workshops and extensive research and quality checks. The actual design and assembly of the fixtures is done by our team of electrical engineers and electricians in our Brooklyn studio.

Do you install the fixtures?

No, we do not install the fixtures ourselves, however, we do provide detailed installation instructions for all our fixtures.

How do I clean my fixture?

Simple dusting is enough for the day-to-day upkeep of your fixture. Please do not use any harsh detergents or chemicals on your fixture.

What are the terms of payment?

We require full payment upon placement of the order, since every fixture is handmade specifically for the customer. For commercial projects, we require payment in phases depending on the project.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept credit card payments from major providers like Visa, Mastercard and American Express. For custom orders, we can also accept checks and wire transfers

What is the cost of your fixtures?

Please see our online store for pre-made fixtures. For all pricing of custom projects please contact the sales team directly.

Do I get a designer discount?

Yes, we give a trade discount of 10% for designers. Please contact us directly if you need more information.

Can I get a special wholesale price for my showroom?

We consistently welcome new showroom accounts. For information on how to become a distributor, please contact us directly for terms and conditions.

What is the process for ordering a custom fixture?

We start off by finding out for which space you intend the fixture, which design you prefer and the desired budget. Then we proceed to making recommendations on the sizes and shapes of canopies, number of pendants, finishes, etc. We then provide a presentation for you with customized drawings and all design particulars. We also include the final quote. After you approve the design, an invoice is issued to you. We begin work on your custom fixture as soon as the invoice is paid.

Do you provide spec sheets?

Yes, we provide technical spec sheets when requested.

Do you provide drawings specific to my customizations?

Yes, we provide customized drawings free of charge when requested.

Can I request a sample?

Yes, we do provide samples.

Do you charge for samples?

We usually charge for samples. The cost can be reversed if you send the samples back after viewing them and we receive them in perfect condition

Can you copy a design I find elsewhere?

We don’t copy any designs. If you have a picture of a design you’d like to use, we can either use it as an inspiration for a custom design or offer you a similar product from our own line.

Are prices for different colors of pendants the same?

Yes, all available colors are priced similarly for same-sized pendants.

Are your fixtures UL?

Yes, our fixtures are UL approved.

Do the fixtures use LED lights?

Yes, our fixtures use LED lights exclusively.

Can your fixtures be dimmed?

Yes, all our fixtures are dimmable.

What kind of dimmers do the fixtures need?

Most of our fixtures are universally dimmable (leading edge/trailing edge or 0-10V) but some of them work with leading edge only.

What is the voltage of the fixtures?

The input voltage is always compatible with the destination country's electrical system (120V in the US).

Do the fixtures have built-in drivers?

Yes, all the fixtures that require built-in drivers come with them either in the canopies or in the form of a remote transformer.

Are the fixtures compatible with any smart home systems?

Upon request we can install compatible drivers.

How can I switch the bulbs?

The bulbs are easily switched for all our fixtures and we include that information in the installation instructions for the fixtures.

Where can I get replacement bulbs?

We recommend purchasing your replacement bulbs through us. As an alternative, you can buy them at big home improvement stores.

Can I replace the light bulbs with higher wattage?

We always choose drivers for a fixture to have some extra power. You can find this on the data sheet.

Are your fixtures compatible with lift systems?

Yes, if you provide us with model number/spec sheets we can accommodate lift systems on canopies up to 24” on the same canopy. If the canopy is larger than 24”, we will be providing a suspended canopy.

Can your fixtures be installed on a sloped/slanted ceiling?

Yes, we can accommodate all ceilings. Please contact our sales team with the angle of the slope.

What is the lead time for your fixtures?

Our lead time is 8-10 weeks for fixtures purchased through our online stores. For custom projects, it's usually 10-14 weeks.

Can I expedite my order if necessary?

If you need your fixture sooner, the lead time can sometimes be expedited at our production manager’s discretion and for an additional fee.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship internationally.

How do your fixtures ship?

Our fixtures ship in custom boxes and every precaution is taken to make sure they arrive in perfect condition.

Do you insure the shipments?

Yes, we insure all our shipments.

What is your exchange/return policy?

Please check our warranty page for this information:

What is the warranty for your fixtures?

Please check our warranty page at for this information.

Additional Information

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.