Shakuff is the leading custom lighting partner for high-end residential clients and interior design studios. In every handcrafted piece, Shakúff brings to life unparalleled artistry, craftsmanship, quality and personalized aesthetic by prioritizing the client experience from first touch to installment.

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Concentric orbs filled with drizzled glass fibers inspired by light rain. Kadur Drizzle
Each Honeycomb pendant has a custom-made mold and cast glass to ensure consistency. Honeycomb
To create Willow, we work closely with jewelers to fashion the special metal chain that carries its electric wiring. Each Kadur pendant... Willow
Light seems to dance down these elegant, hand-twisted pendants. Twist
Delicate discs of glass enclose a treasure of pearly fused glass. Crystal Shell
Finely perforated orbs that cast speckled shadows. Mod
Panels of fused glass form a whimsical and unique take on a geometric shape. Tanzania
An organic shape meets technical finesse in this textured collection. Cocoon


Tamar Wand / DOCA Kitchen

Our studio’s iconic design families. Each collection explores a different organic form or geometric shape and seeks to capture the soul of the natural wonder that is light.


The Studio

CEO & Founder Josef Sidof

A blown glass design and manufacturing studio based in Brooklyn, we unite artists from around the world to bring warmth and illuminating beauty to spaces. Each one of our sculptural fixtures is handcrafted using traditional, time-honored techniques. 

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